Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tap Water

My friend, Niki, in Houston sent me this link this morning, of two white 'mercan woman selling glass bottles sporting a label with a picture of a tap and the words tap water.
$12.95 plus shipping, with $2 going to UNICEF.

Below is my response:


When I watched this, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

But then I noticed they allowed posting of comments so I did:

" I'll send $2 to UNICEF directly and skip the the considerable carbon footprint of shipping me a glass bottle with the unnecessary and silly label. Are you people just putting me on?"

I thought they would quickly delete my comment. Instead, they posted a comment on my blog.

So I guess they really do have the heart to help people everywhere have safe drinking water through the Tap Project. So click through and make a donation today.

Never Thirst!


Jules said...

Hi Patrick. This is Jules, one of the white American women in the video. And founder of the site it is on. We loved your comment...and that you are donating to UNICEF to help with this Tap Water project. That is the point of taking a full day to highlight it on our site--to actually take concrete action to help this non profit project. Glad you are doing your part and leading the way!

Jules said...

Thanks Patrick...we are the real deal. We spotlight at least one cause/philanthropy a month and many of the commercial products we highlight on Daily Grommet also have a social enterprise angle.

Never Thirst! Pat Ferraro said...

Thanks Jules...
I support this cause, hence the name of my blog "Never Thirst!" but I usually avoid all the carbon emissions I can, so I will pass up on the "social enterprise" and send money to the tap project directly.I added a direct link in my blog for others to follow.

Thanks for bringing the project to my attention.