Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Loose, Down the Rabbit Hole

The Spring celebrations continue across every culture throughout every continent in the Northern half of planet Earth. The Persian New Year of Iran is celebrated as Narouz. The Jewish descendants of Abraham hold Seder and remember again their end of slavery in Egypt. According to Encyclopædia Britannica, the Jewish festival of Purim is probably adopted from the Persian New Year. Christians celebrate the equinox with new life from death, nature's familiar cycles, projected so closely onto their new age rabbi, Jesus, the Christ.

Easter is the Spring celebration I grew up enjoying. Even after my spirituality evolved from the Jesuit (Society of Jesus) school variety into an Earth-based connection to the divine, we continued to celebrate Easter with egg hunts with our young children.

Today, I wish people of any culture the universal greeting of Happy Spring as we continue to ride our beautiful planet on this annual path around the Sun.

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Cari said...

Great post, Pat and I cried laughing at the bunny/kitty video. And the baby girls! Aww.

Just to let you know: the link in the first sentence of your blog post is to LAST year's conjunction of holidays. Persian Nowruz was on the vernal equinox this year; now that we're at Passover and Easter it seems like one long spring holiday celebration.

Sorry, here I go being a schoolmarm again.