Friday, October 3, 2008

Learning While Teaching -The Coyote Valley Lesson of the Day

Last Wednesday and today, dueling Op-Ed pieces appeared in the San Jose Mercury News giving readers the pros and cons of developing a new community college campus in the Coyote Valley by the Gavilan College District.

I wrote responses to both articles in the comments section @ the MercuryNews. com, but I want to add it here for my own record and to share with anyone else who cares to read my musings:
The CV Specific Plan could not get traction under Chuck Reed's administration so Sobrato and others will try to do the development in smaller increments and accomplish the same thing over time.
People, the Coyote Valley is your main groundwater recharge zone. If you get put on hold when calling the Santa Clara Valley Water District (408 265-2600) they say in their recorded message"If you don't want to drink it, don't put it on the ground."
Mr. Kinsela, what are you planning to do with the polluted rainfall runoff from a campus of 10,000 or more students and faculty. Maybe gas will be too expensive to drive like we do now, but even electric cars have hydraulic fluids that can leak onto roads and paved lots. Can your college budget cover treating storm runoff or exporting it north or south to get it away from the recharge zone? I doubt it and why should you spend money on this when you can join in the sensible thing to do by helping to protect the Coyote Valley as our prime water recharge area and help safeguard the quality of our drinking water. Maybe you could use the land as a field classroom for teaching organic farming?

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