Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The World's A Stage, Let's PLAY WELL TOGETHER

I found an article in a trade journal about Olin College of Engineering, which tells of how the students' committee sold their curriculum design by writing a stage play as their presentation.

Today, I had a melt down when I saw this video on line. This campaign finally got it.
And another today(10/4/08) I found this great jazz number.
And in case you're Irish or tried to be on St Patty's Day, watch this wonderful singing video
This one's just for Sarah. But this one is even better still.

We, in the audience, have to all stand up and pierce the fourth wall from this side of the show.
We must become the media, rather than watch it, letting IT filter our reality, as it gives us only the party line.

We have these tools for a reason, and it's more than just better communication or data storage.

Something jumped off a slide show I was watching a few days ago:

Humans are the strategy of Gaia to produce and accelerate the speed that nature can creatively express herself.

and remember,

The World's A Stage, Let's PLAY WELL TOGETHER

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